Energy Transition / clean energy / Hydrogen has lots it can deliver.

I quit a good going oil and gas job a month back to start a management #consultancy with friends.

We are feeling our way and making inroads to three key sectors we believe in (three being our magic number – for now):

???? Energy Transition (we say that a lot) – ???? Food and ????
Drinks (we like them a lot) – ????‍♀️ Sports (we’re already delivering our first work in the sector and sports are something we believe in)

A few things have been said with respect to the timing. Been called:

  1. “mad – we are entering a global recession”
  2. “crazy – there are lots of job losses right now and many more to come”
  3. “insane – you are naive to the ways of the world James lad”

And they’d all be right. But #hydrogen – at mostly consulting we are gaining more and more confidence from the conversations we’re having in industry, that this is a lot more than “Greenwashing” or propaganda.

A sector worth looking into for career navigation if you are at a loose end and have a good chemical or mechanical engineering degree behind you.

Refer to 1), 2) and 3) above if you opt to start your own company. Good to partner up with trusted people with complementary skill sets.

A truck load more fun. And work should be fun.