Mood music

One of my favourite lectures at Strathclyde Business School were the strategy ones by Kevin Page.

Lots of good insights on forming strategy for organisations. But also his ability to lecture and keep the crowd engaged and enthused throughout.

A cheesy line he uses (I am sure he won’t mind sharing):

“Whats the mood music right now?”

Stood out as being ‘a bit different’ at the time – but on reflection I like it and I realise I have always attempted to alter my mood with music. Sometimes unintentionally, by listening to too much Radiohead, with detrimental effects…

Sunday afternoon. Week of holiday done. I think my mood for the week ahead is good. Excited for what’s booked in so far.

Listening to a new single from an off shoot solo single from one of my favourite lead singers, front man from the Lumineers. ‘Mood’ isn’t too far off that…