Mostly Crux

Full part 1 interview with Mr Eric Doyle of Crux available here.

We’re excited to be growing a business with the use of social media so would appreciate re-sharing and assistance to boost the profile of our startup, being born during lock down.

We’ll give away 10 tickets to our mostly consulting AMG (annual meeting of glory). Share and comment to be eligible for an invite. ❤️

Quite excited to learn more from you Eric. ‘Proper collaboration’ is a fun tool in the artillery of any progressive entrepreneur right now in my opinion. Maybe delete it as one of your corporate values unless you truly believe in it. ????

Thanks to friends who have been helping me keep my noggin’ right. Surround yourself by good people who have your best interests at heart, open your mind to inspiration, trust your intuition, have a lot of fun… And you shouldn’t go too wrong – so they say.

James appears as a guest on Eric Doyle’s Crux Cast