Quit while you’re ahead

I will quit mostly while I am ahead.

But it’s going to take a long time to get ahead in this game.

Loads to do and it has been a great buzz launching a start during lockdown.

Busy days ahead predicted, having just returned from a week in self-catering away from home (good to get out).

In the week ahead we are prioritising finalising the numbers behind OBM (open-book management) the mode of pay and reward we’ll likely implement when we grow in numbers.

Also, work to continue to deliver for clients one and two, a value proposition to finalise, various calls and leads to chase up, Linkedin Sales navigator to attempt to navigate. Discussions with other consultants, keen to recruit…

Delighted reinforcements are arriving in the next few weeks and we’re able to make headway on our website. Record and polish more video / podcasts, get some help with business plan, culture deck and look to capitalise on startup grants from agencies such as #scottishenterprise and #businessgateway.

We’re back to #mostly#msh. Appreciate the support and advice from people so far. Have a good week ahead.