We provide high-value management consulting services in the strategy and organisational culture domains.

We are a post-bureaucratic, progressive and highly collaborative virtual management consulting firm who has the courage and authenticity to be a bit different.

We are here to help. And it's a good time for that, in this 'next' new norm.


At Mostly we help organisations better understand and control their culture. Helping to harness the power of that 'magic force', by engaging well beyond the board and senior leaders of an organisation.

We help firms of all shapes and sizes. Our audit process and cultural definition work can help your business define, embed and manage your culture as a critical function within your organisation. It can be your one true competitive advantage.

During the the process we help identify issues with culture and identify ways to improve employee engagement and motivation.  This ultimately delivers higher performance but can also assist with recruitment and onboarding processes, as well as attracting and retraining the best talent.

"A strong organizational culture is critical to success, yet culture tends to feel like some magic force that few know how to control" (Harvard Business Review, 2015).


"The trend of remote work continues to grow at a rapid pace and will play a critical role in supporting next-generation work forces by breaking down barriers between the physical and virtual workplaces" (Forbes, 2020)

At Mostly we facilitate a range of workshop methodologies. We can help identify the purpose and values of an organisation, working closely with staff and stakeholders, gaining their input via surveys and focus groups to ensure alignment.

In this 'next' new norm, we've adapted to provide virtual scenario planning workshops, helping you to explore the evolving environment in which your organisation is operating. We help gather and analyse the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, presenting results and providing contingency planning recommendations.

Our strategic workshops can be used to identify issue-based, purpose-based and capability-based strategic directions, derived from management theory. We take your team's specific knowledge to help create a strategy that addresses and prioritises the fundamental requirements of your organisation.